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Hewitt Goat Butter 454g

Hewitts Goat Milk 454g

Kusha Grassfed Ghee 425g

Nuts To You Org Almond Raw

Nuts To You Org Hazelnut Butter

Nuts To You Org Peanut Blanch

Thornloe Grass Fed Butter Unsalted









Arla Org Cream Cheese

Bothwell Cheese Habanero

Bothwell Cheese Hot Chili

Bothwell Cheese Muenster

Kerrygold Blarney

Kerrygold Dubliner

Kerrygold Reserve

MC Dairy GF Org Cottage Cheese

Org Mozzarella 200g










Dairy Alternatives

Cha's Org Coconut Cream

Cha's Org Coconut Milk

Cha's Org Coconut Whipping Cream





HCF Org Pastured Eggs Medium

HCF Org Pastured Eggs XLarge

HCF Quail Eggs




Milk & Cream

Harmony Choco milk glass 500ml

Harmony Choco milk glass 1l

Harmony Org Cream 10% glass

Harmony Org Cream 35% glass

Harmony Org milk 2% glass 1l

Harmony Org milk unhomo glass 1l

Hewitt’s Goat Milk Org 3.5% Homo

MC Dairy Org Grassfed Milk

MC Dairy Balkan Probiotic Yogurt 500ml

MC Dairy GF Org Kefir 1kg

MC Dairy GF Org Sour Cream

MC Dairy GF Org Yogurt 1kg

MC Dairy GF Org Creme Fraiche

MC Dairy GF Org Kajmak















*GF = Grassfed

*Org = Organic

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